Urban Future Global Conference, Oslo 2019

Jun 19, 2019

Urban Future Global Conference, Oslo 2019
Being a part of the #global energy of professionals, highly focused towards delivering changes into #citylife and #rethinking the future was the perfect place to be!
Thank you #OsloUFGCTeam
We came back truly inspired aaaand ready to take off!

Starting a day with a Taiji at Oslo Opera #roof
It was a unique experience! Learning how to direct the energy of the Sun towards the city, thanks to Pamela Hiley, Norsk Taiji Senter

SESSION: Nature-based solution; SPEAKER: Loenhart, Klaus Klass
Klaus Klaas Loenhart is an impact eco-visionary, founder of terrain: integral designs, terrain.cloud and Professor at ia&l Landlab TU Graz, Austria. As a multi-disciplinarian, he and his teams are developing and designing nature-inspired decarbonization and climate strategies as well as impact-focused design solutions for reconnecting urban society with our living environment through innovation.
Note: Numbers can be the key to precise communication.
How do we receive the experience?!
Rational/self-conscious 16 bit/s
Sensual experience/unconscious 4 000 000 bit/s

SESSION: How to get Circular started?; SPEAKER: Galle, Nadine
Nadine Galle, The Green City Watch founder
Nadine is known for her work on ‘circular cites’ at Metabolic, where she mapped urban metabolisms and developed circular economy interventions.
It was very insightful listening Nadine's presentation: From pointing out how important cities are today and which are the crucial points where the city can be transformed from „resource drain to resource hub“ to the urban metabolism metaphor which gives us the path and form to follow while learning about the city.
At the end Nadine quoted such an important lesson from Jane Jacobs:
„The cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because and only when they are created by everybody.“