A treein thecity

A tree

At the very end of this urban green story we would like to share one special highlight. For you #treehugers and for those who are willing to become ones:

During the hot summer day, one tree provide 1460 kg of water. That is equivalent to 5 air conditions!

It's not just a tree

it's an incredible air cleaning, flood reducing, urban cooling, shade providing, health improving, pollution removing, aesthetically breath taking, urban miracle.

Oh, and it also happens to increase real estate values, enhance retail sales, improve school academic results, boost hospital convalescence rates, protect from ram raids and reduce urban crime levels.

A tree is the only thing we know of, that you can put in an urban environment and (if planted with appropriate uncompacted soil volume) it will increase in value every year it lives...

* Special thanks for inspiring us:
team and their Urban Tree Planting Design Guide