The Importance of Green Roofs

The Importance of Green Roofs

Small oasis at the top of tall buildings around the world has long been a novelty. Their residents are enjoying themselves isolated from the noise and exhaust gases polution of big cities. In addition to a unique view, they have an opportunity to sunbathe on the terrace, arrange their gardens, make a barbecue or even grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Here you can take a virtual green roof tour that is being built on seven floors residential building situated in Futoška 57 street in Novi Sad.


Besides resembling a mesmerizing green oasis in the middle of the city, green roofs put a noble touch to living in buildings and have many functional and economic advantages over ordinary roofs.

  • Thermal Insulation

    Thermal Insulation

    As an extra layer of insulation, green roof provides additional protection: it serves as a shield from heat in summer and additional thermal insulation in winter. Depending on the substrate layer thickness, it provides heating savings by up to 20%.

  • Noise Reduction

    Noise Reduction

    Green roofs absorb sound thus providing noise barrier. Depending on roof layer type and thickness, noise can be reduced by up to 40 dB inside the green roof buildings.

  • Lifespan Extension

    Lifespan Extension

    Research conducted in the European Union have shown that green roof lifespan is twice longer than the ordinary roof due to UV protection which makes green roofs quite a profitable investment.

  • Air Purification

    Air Purification

    Greenery purifies the air which leads to better quality of microclimate. Dust particles and air pollutants attach to the surface and get absorbed by the vegetation.

  • Rainwater Retention

    Rainwater Retention

    Green roofs retain atmospheric water and thus enable evaporation in urban climate and cool the environment.

  • Runoff Reduction

    Runoff Reduction

    Green roofs decrease pressure on drainage systems during heavy rainfall. It reduces surface runoff by 50-100% and delays the time of rainwater runoff entering the sewerage system.

  • Roof Hydro-Insulation Protection

    Roof Hydro-Insulation Protection

    Protection against extreme temperature variations, UV radiation and other atmospheric impacts.

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