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Since May 2018, we are actively communicating about the facts that highlight the importance of green infrastructure in our cities.

Our main goal is to inspire the Municipal Administration, Investors, and residents to rethink their approach, both professionally and as individuals, in order to create a more humane way of urban life in the future.

Lets bring people and nature closer together!

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      Be the initiator of change in your own apartment building.

      We will share our experience in the implementation of Green living concept.

    Recently, we have become more aware of the fact that the amount of green spaces in our cities is directly affecting the health of residents, especially people suffering from breathing difficulties and allergies. The latest estimates show that one out of seven school children, and one out of ten adults, suffer from asthma.

    In order to diminish air pollution and lower the instances of respiratory disease, and in accordance with the EU recommendations, in relation to the total urban area, each city should include 20% to 25% of green space.

    In terms of clean air available to residents, our cities are inefficient, since the relation and percentage of total urban area and its green space does not reach the required minimum.
    Become a part of National Green Roof Association and take an active part in raising awareness on the importance of greenery in cities!
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      ! Implement the Green concept into your buildings.

      Join leading investors in becoming a part of National Green Roof Association

    Because of cities developing at an extraordinarily fast pace, today more than half of world's population lives in urban areas, and the upward trend continues. The growth and development of cities crucially impacts the state of our planet, making the role of investors and relevant professions extremely important.

    The NGRA brings the most recent knowledge, experience, technologies, and trends to everyone who plays a role in developing the urban tissue, in order to improve the quality of live in Serbian cities. Implement the Green concept into your buildings.
    Support our ACTIVITIES and suggest new ones. The future of cities is in our hands; let's make it worthy of our children!
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      We are stronger together

      Contribute to spreading the notion of greener cities.

    Urban life no longer means living on concrete and asphalt; rather it includes the evolution of former space between apartment blocks into new forms; Green roofs, façades, and courtyards. This is exactly how urban space is refined, making modern way of life less detached from nature. The residents are protected from the urban bustle, exhaust fumes, and heated asphalt.
    Become a part of NGRA and contribute to changing the way cities in Serbia operate and develop. Join us in actively monitoring the development of cities, and insisting that each new planned solution be of the highest quality.

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Our Association is open to those who, broadly speaking, contributes to the development of green cities, as well as everyone in this field, interested in supporting or contributing directly to the goals of the Association.

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