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The National Association of Green Roofs and Terraces was established in Novi Sad in May 2018 by Erker Engineering, with the aim of gathering the professional and public expertise and to proactively influence the awareness and the need for green construction in every segment of the construction industry.

1. An honest ego in a healthy body.
2. An eye to see nature.
3. A heart to feel nature.
4. Courage to follow nature.

Frank Loyd Wright – Manifesto



Construction, especially residential space, means responsibility. During the period of the life of the building, not only will its residents be exposed to its influences, but also the city will pulsate with its tone. Green Living Concept therefore is at the centre of our attention. Our mission is to bring innovations day by day. The world is full of new solutions and ideas on how to bring nature back to people. We want to open our door to new ideas, to inspire to action and to be a backbone in realization.

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Association's Objectives

Association's Objectives

  • 1

    Promotion and improvement of the green construction idea and concept.

  • 2

    Encouraging changes in the way of urban planning, design, construction and restoration of facilities and the manner of their use and maintenance.

  • 3

    Raising the level of national awareness of highly efficient construction practices that are sustainable and cost-effective.

  • 4

    Support to public-private dialogue concerning changes in laws and by-laws.

  • 5

    Encouraging the necessary amendments to the laws and by-laws as a basis for sustainable development and the practice of green construction.

If you are eager to contribute to the living environment or you already take part in creating a healthier surroundings - JOIN US! Together we can do more!

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Our Association is open to those who, in the widest sense, contribute to the development of green cities, as well as to anyone interested in this area and want to support or directly contribute to the goals of the association.

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