Green factor

  • What is Green Factor?

    The Green Factor is the document that defines criteria and instructions for implementing green infrastructure in the process of urban planning.

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  • Why Green Factor?

    Today, more than 50% of the world's population lives in cities. In the realm of adapting and mitigating the negative effects of climate change, cities can be major drivers of change. Therefore, we need to rethink the entire planning approach.

    Due to excessive building in the last twenty years, there is less than 5% of green space in the city of Novi Sad today. If we compare it to the previous 30%, and the required European minimum of 20%, the data is rather alarming.

    The Green Factor is an essential instrument for improving living conditions in our cities.

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  • Implementation

    Green Factor consists of:

    Defined minimum for each building type.

    Elements that are calculated and their points.

    Case study and calculation list.

    Cities that have already incorporated the Green Factor tool in their design and planning process are currently showing remarkable results.

  • Implementation process


    In order to achieve the necessary Green Factor, suggested elements and types should be followed during the design process.


    Calculating Green Factor using the point list.


    Calculating Green Factor using the point list.

  • Result?

    The calculation system simplifies the process of calculating the factors, and by strategically defining the required minimums, significant results are achieved in terms of the amount of greenery in cities.