Is it
To bring people and nature closertogether?

GHG Emission

Cities emits 80% of GHG


Cities cover 3% of total earth area


Cities use 75% of produced energy

More than 50% of total population live in cities today

Cities of Serbia

In Serbia, cities are facing a huge lack of green areas

European normative

In order to achieve sustainable development, cities need to have 25% of green areas.


To raise awareness and to inspire.

One of the main reasons for establishing the Association was the desire to raise awareness on the high importance of green infrastructure in the process of city development, and perhaps even more, to inspire the Municipal Administration, Investors, and residents to rethink their approach, both professionally and as individuals, in order to create a more humane way of urban life in the future.

Following that path, we need:

  • An honest ego in a healthy body.
    An honest ego in a healthy body.
  • A heart to feel nature.
    A heart to feel nature.
  • An eye to see nature.
    An eye to see nature.
  • Courage to follow nature.
    Courage to follow nature.
Frank Loyd Wright


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